Coin Grading Fees

Indian Hobby Club offers several submission tiers and services to meet the needs of coins collectors and professionals alike. It is necessary to choose an option that corresponds to the value and category of the coins you are submitting as well as the turnaround time you desire.

The fees structure for grading and packing are as follows:

1.If the quantity of coin is less than 100Rs 350 per coin.
2.If the quantity is more than 100 coina) Rs 250 for each copper coin

b) Rs 300 for each silver coin
3.If the market value of coin is more than Rs 50000, it will be considered as expensive and exclusive coin. The coin needs to be sent to an authorized expert for re-examination of authentication of the same, for a fee. The coin owner shall bear the cost of both the services. Before starting the grading procedure the price of both the services shall be mutually agreed upon, between the coin owner and the company.

Grading procedure & packing of coins usually requires a weeks time, depending upon the quantity of coins.

Note: 20% extra shall be charged for urgent services (within 48 hours).

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